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Yoga For Deep Stress & Anxiety Relief

Did you know that in addition to the many physical health benefits that yoga offers, it’s also an amazing healing tool for the mind and emotions? Yoga postures can provide a deep release for stress and anxiety while helping the mind and heart focus on the positive things in life. Many people experience a state of profound wellness, balance, and

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Total Body Benefits of Far Infrared Radiant Heating

Far Infrared Radiant Heating (FIR) is the best type of heating for your hot yoga experience and superior to any other form used in hot yoga studios for the following reasons: Improves blood circulation as well as healthy muscle relaxation Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to soft tissue areas Removed accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation Envelopes participants in

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Flotex Flooring for Bikram Yoga

Flotex Flooring for Bikram Yoga Flotex flooring is a special carpet perfect for Bikram Yoga. The fibers in the weave are packed so super tight, over 80 million to a square meter, which means there is no room for moisture to be absorbed, making it waterproof. Flotex is treated with an antimicrobial treatment and sanitized offering protection against bacteria, mould

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