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Keep Calm & Enjoy Hot Yoga in Summer

It’s summertime and it’s hot outside! So why would you want to come to hot yoga? Hot yoga during summer offers specific benefits and positive results to compliment your practice in the cooler months. Here are 10 good reasons why it’s good to practice Bikram Yoga in the summertime. You better acclimatise to the heat outside practicing. Bikram Yoga can help you

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Bikram Yoga for Runners

Bikram Yoga is perfect for runners – of all ages and levels of abilities. The practice of Yoga has benefits on both the runners body (improves flexibility, range of motion, muscular strength) and mind (more focus, less stress). Practising Bikram Yoga even only once a week can help loosen tight spots, strengthen weak spots, and make you a better, less injury prone runner.

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What is Karma Yoga?

The first official class at our Bikram Yoga School will be a Karma Yoga Class. This class will donate 100% of the takings to the ‘Share the Dignity Charity’. As a yoga studio we have a very strong sense of social justice. Karma Yoga, The Yoga of work and service forms an integral part of our vision. We believe that it is essential

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