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Meditation – Should I Try It?

Meditation is a powerful art form developed over thousands of years, the benefits it can provide in a short time are huge. Meditation is a unique experience that can help with a range of physical and mental conditions. When many people think of meditation they think of a boring experience, useless emotions and wasted time, yet they couldn’t be more wrong. Good

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Yoga Progress Beyond The Mat

What is Progress in Yoga? And why you should keep coming back when the benefits seem to dry up.  Popular yoga encourages us to look at ourselves and the progress we have made in each and every asana, but what happens when yoga progress is slow? What happens when it seems like you can’t make progress? Physical mastery of yoga

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First Birthday for our Yoga Community

Our First Birthday Adelaide Hills Bikram Yoga celebrated its first birthday on January 1 2017. A big thank you to all of the incredible faces we have met over the year and all those who attended our First Birthday celebration. We look forward to providing you with many more years of life changing yoga in the future. If you’re

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