Bikram Yoga and Cycling: The Perfect Match

Bikram Yoga  combined make a perfect match. Practising Bikram Yoga, like most yogas has valuable physical and mental benefits. But Bikram is different to most yogas, in fact it is practised in a hot and humid room and each class follows the same sequence. The hot room is the perfect match for the strong tight muscles that die hard athletes like cyclists want to stretch. In a Bikram Yoga room tight muscles warm up quickly and it is easier to get the stretching that will make a difference to the athletes overall performance.

Bikram Yoga stretches and strengthens every muscle in the body. Besides the benefits of additional flexibility in the body’s muscles, joints and back, Bikram Yoga also helps the athletes mental stamina and endurance. Just staying in the room is challenging in itself. Practising the 26 postures also requires a certain degree of mind control. Bikram helps connect the mind with the body as one and not two separate independent entities, it also helps you achieve control of your mind.

As you progress and achieve more control of your body, your mind starts to quiet down. You start to concentrate more on your breathing and the pose. In fact Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute eye open moving meditation. This state of being is ideal for any athlete who wants to improve their performance. Cycling requires endurance, stamina and strength, but it also requires the body to be flexible so that the joints and muscles perform at their best.

Practising Bikram Yoga teaches you self control and discipline; two characteristics that are essential for successful cyclists. The fact that Bikram Yoga is exactly the same wherever it’s practised means that cyclists can experience the benefits of a Bikram class anywhere in the world.