Keep Calm & Enjoy Hot Yoga in Summer

It's summertime and it's hot outside! So why would you want to come to hot yoga?
Hot yoga during summer offers specific benefits and positive results to compliment your practice in the cooler months. Here are 10 good reasons why it’s good to practice Bikram Yoga in the summertime.

  1. You better acclimatise to the heat outside practicing. Bikram Yoga can help you acclimatise to the summer’s heat and humidity. Your body cools itself more effectively and efficiently through sweat. If you practice often enough you may notice that it doesn’t feel as hot outside as it used to.
  2. You will cope more effectively with the heat. During summer yoga practice, you are reinforcing the proper coping tools for handling heat – learning to focus on your breath or to kneel or sit if you feel too hot and you need to lower your heart rate.
  3. Take your practice deeper. Keeping up your practice will help you maintain the headway you made in the cooler weather. Take advantage of the summer months to increase your joint flexibility and core strength.
  4. You will encourage good habits. Hot yoga encourages you to stay well hydrated and replace your electrolytes regularly.
  5. You will be in better shape for summer recreations. By adjusting to the heat in the yoga room you will cope much better with summer sports and activities. You will probably find that you don’t mind the heat when running, cycling, etc.
  6. You will energise your mind and body. Hot yoga helps energise our bodies and minds especially when the weather makes us feel drowsy and sluggish.
  7. You will surprise yourself. You will come in expecting to do nothing – feeling like you can’t be bothered, and you will be amazed at what you can do.
  8. You will detoxify more. Sweating more in class means you release more toxins, great for internal organs (don’t forget to drink lots!).
  9. Take advantage of holiday time. Summer brings with it a holiday mode and a little extra time to spend on yourself. If you use this time to practice yoga, you won’t regret it!
  10. You will tone up for summer. Bikram Yoga will help you look and feel great, bringing you more confidence.

It is important to hydrate properly doing any physical activity and to also replace electrolytes. This is especially important during summer. A slice of lemon and some magnesium flakes in a bottle of water is a great way to restore these electrolytes.