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90 minute Hot Yoga is not a new fad by any means. The Bikram Yoga sequence is the original Hot Yoga and was developed more than 40 years ago with each posture being specially selected for particular healing benefits. It's a fixed sequence and in a specific order for a reason, which is why if you're to gain the most healing benefit from your practise, completing a 90 minute class is a must for the following reasons:

  • Postures Held for Specific Length of Time
    • Bikram Yoga postures are held for a specific length of time so that your body is held in stillness, requiring focus and breath to create change in your body and to help develop strength of mind too.
  • Each Posture is Repeated Twice
    • The first set will warm your body up and aligns you and the second set allows you to go deeper into the pose and gain the most benefit from it.
  • 50 Minute Standing Series
    • The first 50 minutes of the class is when the Standing Series of postures are completed which will elevate your heart rate, metabolic rate and core temperature to the ideal level to enable healing and physiological and mental changes to occur.
  • 40 Minute Floor Series
    • The Final 40 minutes consists of the Floor Series which allows your body to continue its healing process in the heated room because our core temperature will remain the same, even though your heart and metabolic rate will lower. Each floor posture is separated by a short rest period (Savasana) that allows you to recover and give your body new oxygen ready for the next upcoming posture. Savasana is just as important as each posture and again will help you gain the most benefit from the class.

In our fast paced world and hectic lifestyles, it's tempting to attend a shorter or cooler class, but here at Adelaide Hills Bikram we believe that the benefits of Hot Yoga and the true healing it offers can only be gained from completion of a FULL 90 minute Bikram Class comprising of the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.

At the end of the day attending a 90 minute class is only 6% of your day - it's a small chunk to invest to ensure you're getting the most healing and benefit from your yoga practise!
Isn't your health worth it?

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  1. Audrey Khoo
    10 mins ago

    I really fall in love with Birkam 90.


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