Yoga for Footballers

Did you know that yoga, especially Bikram or Yin Yoga can be a great complementary training session for footballers during pre-season?

In the world of professional sport success is demanding, increasingly yoga has become a factor in helping to provide a winning edge. So much so, that even both Geelong and Hawthorn Football Clubs have incorporated Yoga classes into their regular training programs.

For elite AFL teams Yoga has provided something more than just physical stretching, the opportunity to work out the niggles and minor injuries that occur.

This recovery maintains fitness and helps keep players at the highest of their athleticism.

Yoga also helps players gain education on how to stretch and read their own bodies.

The focus on mentality helps plays on and off the field, and helps relieve many of the stresses involved and for many major AFL clubs yoga has provided as much mental recovery as it has psychological and as a result a player can improve their focus during games.

In the words of Tim Oddie (yoga instructor for the Geelong Cats) “sometimes it takes a sporting role model to help change long held prejudices - once this kind of gender barrier is broken down men too can find yoga has a lot to offer”

Yoga has also helped provide a change of environment away from the club, helping the players to relax and unwind.

There's so many benefits to Yoga for your Football team - contact Adelaide Hills Bikram now to learn more about how we could help your team get an edge by adding yoga to your training sessions!