Blackroll Method Fitness Classes Adelaide Hills Bikram

Blackroll Method Fitness Classes Adelaide come to Adelaide Hills Bikram!

Come and try the lastest new group fitness session at Adelaide Hills Bikram. A very simple but effective contribution to general health, fitness and well being.

Thursday’s from 11am to 11:45am.

The Class will work on movement and release using specially developed Blackroll rollers. The specially engineered rollers are designed to improve muscle performance, body mobility and flexibility.


Blackroll method fitness classes Adelaide Hills Bikram

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Improved posture and reduced likelihood of muscle strain
  • Prevention of typical wear and tear injury or muscle damage caused by over use
  • Enhance blood circulation and connective tissue (fascia) hydration for more effective and faster recovery
  • Better fitness and general well-being

The class is taught by Certified Blackroll Trainer and Personal Trainer Louise A’Bear who will be instructing the fun class using the Blackroll method.

Investment: ONLY $15 a session!!

Time: Thursdays 11 am – 11:45 am

Location: Adelaide Hills Bikram, 74 Mount Barker Road Stirling.

BLACKROLL Rollers will be provided or are available for purchase (if you wish to have your own) from Louise. All Blackroll rollers are quality made, direct from Germany.

Contact us for more information on this exciting new group fitness class!

Blackroll method Adelaide Hills Bikram Classes

Why come to a black roll method class?

A blackroll Method Class Adelaide provides you with an intense massage of the muscles and fascia (similar to a sports massage). Injuries from over use, inflammation can cause the fascia (connective tissue) to harden or scar, which gives a painful or stiff feeling. Self massages with the roller help you to hydrate the fascia and stimulate it. This then improves the recovery of muscles,  helping to increase mobility and flexibility. A number of professional athletes use rollers, and many physio's have recommend using a roller to their clients.