Hydrating With Green Smoothies or Shakes

Let’s face it. No matter how much you love water and its many healing benefits, it can be just plain difficult to get enough of it in your life every day. Many people carry around water bottles to help them stay hydrated, but often times they still don’t get enough. Another concern with staying hydrated properly is getting water that still has all the minerals it needs to take great care of your body. Often times filters and faucets remove some of the essential minerals from water that our bodies need most.

The good news is that the solution to getting enough water and the right kind of water is pretty simple! Getting your hydration from live juices and green smoothies or shakes is all it takes!
The Greens First health and wellness drink, for example, is packed with food-based nourishment that transforms ordinary water into a health drink that can’t be beat. Vegetables, greens, fruits, berries, antioxidants, minerals, and herbs all come together to take water to the next level.

When using Greens First, all you do it mix the high-end powder with water and sip as you go. It couldn’t be easier!
Electrolytes and other essential minerals are part of what makes water so important. Water that’s been stripped of electrolytes may not help your body as much as it could. Adding these minerals back in can be a real chore – unless it’s happening naturally as part of a daily green drink.
To supplement the good things in your green drink, you can also mix fresh green juices with water, or enjoy them as they are, to get some of the best health benefits that water has to offer.
Using the Greens First wellness drink is a simple and effective way to get the water you need with some really impressive added benefits. With every sip you’ll be hydrating all of your body’s organs, tissues, and cells while also getting a super available and easily digestible boost of vitamins, minerals, and plant supports for your overall well-being.

If you start your day with a Greens First health drink, you’ll already have between 250-300ml of water in your system. That means you’ll need to enjoy just a few more glasses during the day to get the recommended daily intake of clean water!
Try adding a green smoothie to your wellness plan, and see what a difference good hydration makes. Every part of our bodies rely on proper hydration to function well and heal efficiently!

Greens First is available for purchase in 2 flavours (Original-Green Spearmint) and Berry from the studio - grab some next time you're in and you'll feel the difference!