The Benefits Of Coconut Water For Pregnancy

If you have a baby on the way, enjoying coconut water could be a simple and delicious way to help you and your growing child get all kinds of amazing health benefits every day. Coconut water has become a favored health drink for athletes, yogis, and students – and many expecting mothers are also jumping on the trend due to just how helpful it really is.

Here's some of the most impressive health benefits you can get from coconut water during your pregnancy and once your child is born.

Hydration Help

When pregnant, hydration is essential. Proper hydration ensures that all body functions can keep up in a healthy way for both mom and baby. Hydration is also essential for healthy muscle function which could mean less aches and pains and greater strength building during pregnancy.

Mineral Magic

Getting enough minerals is essential for a baby’s growth and a mother’s health. The right minerals do everything from support bone development to nourish brain function – so there’s no room for lack! Coconut water is packed with minerals like potassium and magnesium which are super essential for a healthy pregnancy.

Sweet Treats

Coconut water is naturally sweet, and naturally low in carbs and sugars. It makes a great treat anytime, and it can help a mother stay away from less healthy treats.

Protein Power

Coconut water has an impressive amount of useable protein to help mom and baby stay strong throughout the whole pregnancy!

Really Regular

The combination of minerals and hydration can help an expecting mother avoid the discomfort of constipation so that they can stay regular without the use of medications. Coconut water is extremely gentle on the digestive system and just one serving can usually offer some relief.

Cholesterol Concerns

Many expecting moms are encouraged to keep track of their cholesterol intake to ensure that their circulation and overall health is good. Coconut water has no cholesterol, so unlike other sweet drinks, it won’t contribute to unhealthy levels.

Immune Support

Coconuts are a delicious tropical fruit that can help support a healthy immune system and cut back on free radicals. In many ways coconut water is a gentle and sweet daily tonic that can be enjoyed before, during, and after pregnancy! Its natural antiviral and antibacterial properties make it really helpful for both baby and mom, and it could help keep the number of medications and doctor’s visits to a minimum.

Which Coconut Water Is Best?

Always choose raw, organic coconut water that comes from young coconuts. Some types of coconut water will be pink or even a light grey in color – and this is great!

These colors indicate a high concentration of minerals and antioxidants.

We stock a certified organic brand of Coconut Water from Eco Inspirations at the studio, do give some a try next time you're at one of our Prenatal Yoga Classes!