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Adelaide Hills Bikram's group fitness and fitness coaching classes are unique to our studio. We provided classes that are individually tailor made to suit you. As such each class is different and targeted to improve your needs.

Our fitness classes aim to provide you with good training techniques in small group classes so you gain maximum core fitness. Each group fitness class targets an area of the body as well as giving you a full body workout. This means with each class the benefits are maximised. Many classes are run outside to give you full benefit of our incredible local environment and the fresh hills air.

Book into to your fitness class:

You can book in online to any of our regular Saturday fitness classes online here. The price of the class is included in class packs, or simply purchase a drop in session. New clients are welcome to any class no matter what level of fitness you have!

Blackroll Method Fitness Classes Adelaide Hills Bikram

Some of the many benefits you can expect for targeted group fitness classes:

We help you to be dedicated and disciplined so that you can realise your goals no matter what they are. We aim to provide you with a program that will improve your health.

  • Increase in overall fitness, strength, balance and endurance.
  • Improvement in flexibility, mobility and performance of the muscles.
  • Better mental health and improved ability to handle stress and cope with life's challenge
  • Lower blood pressure and reduced risk of obesity
  • May help to prevent some types of cancer such as colon caner with increased food transition times.
  • An Increase in bone density, which decreases your risk of osteoporosis
  • Decreased risk for Diabetes

These are just some of the many benefits that improved fitness can bring to your life. For more information you can read about the amazing benefits of regular exercise here.

We also offer private fitness session as well as private group classes for sporting clubs, groups and corporate groups. If you would like to join a class, or have any questions contact us below! New participants are always welcome no matter what level of fitness you have.

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