The Incredible Power of Regular Exercise

We all know exercise is good for you whether it is yoga, running or even walking, however the power of regular exercise is far greater than most people realise. The good news is that exercising to improve our health doesn’t have to be a gruelling three hour marathon in the winter cold or summer sun, simple steps and small changes to your routine can help you gain the benefits you need to improve your health and ward off a range of diseases and illnesses, now and in the future.

The power of Regular Exercise: 6 big benefits

1. Weight control:

Exercising regularly helps keep your body in an ideal weight range. A few hours of moderate intensity exercise a week, in combination with a healthy diet is often considered one of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight. It also helps to make sure you not only look great but feel it too.

2. Reduced risk of Cardiovascular disease:

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. Reducing your risk lowers your chances significantly. Experts suggest at least a few hours a week of moderate exercise, the more you can get in the better. Regular physical activity also helps to lower your blood pressure, strengthen your heart and improve your cholesterol all crucial to lowering your risk!

3. Reduced risk of cancer:

Research has shown that physically active people have a lower risk of both colon and breast cancers in contrast to those who are not physically fit. Some preliminary research has also suggested a lower risk of lung cancer.

For Cancer survives regular exercises helps to improve quality of life and the ability to do more difficult tasks.

4. Strengthened bones and muscles:

As people age, the quality of our bones, muscles and joints deteriorate, exercising regularly helps reduce the rate of decline, effectively keeping your bones, muscles and joints younger for longer! Arthritis suffers can also benefit from the power of regular exercise, as it helps to reduce joint pain, improve joint flexibility and function. Some studies have even suggested that physical exercise such as yoga may lead to lower levels of inflammation in some form of arthritis.

5. Improved mental health, mood and productivity:

A large number of scientific studies have shown that regular exercise improves your mental health and help you to keep the “sharpness” of your mind. The benefits of this pay off in every aspect of our lives from work to our hobbies and time spent with family. Exercise can also help you to cope with stress, helping you to meditate more.

6. Increased chances of living longer and better experience of life:

Incredibly being physically active can reduce your chance of an early death and give you more time to do the things you love in life. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of early death in some studies by as much as 50%.  Exercising often and regularly is key.

If you’re considering exercising more the good thing is that every little bit you do helps your body. Start off slow and don’t have unreal expectations of yourself, the best things come with regular time commitment. Consider going to scheduled classes, or signing up for classes that help give you extra motivation. Physical activities such as yoga offer a great alternative with even more benefits and are suitable for all levels. Importantly give yourself time to adjust, don’t expect that the rewards come without some work but always remember to speak to your doctor and health care professional.