Yoga for sports clubs and sporting groups

Whether you are a small group or a large club yoga is a powerful tool to help you and your club reach a new level. Yoga for sports clubs helps to bind sporting groups together and improve physical and emotional conditioning. Many clubs might not think that one yoga session is able to achieve all that they are after, a premiership, fitness, bonding or fun, but the truth is that even one session of yoga goes a huge way in taking club a step closer.

Be a Premiership Contender:

The ultimate goal for many teams, that one game, that one moment that makes all that work, hardship, early mornings and late nights worthwhile. It seems an easy enough aim to begin with, but as many professional coaches know there is a path to every goal. This is where yoga comes in; yoga helps build the foundations both physically and mentally for a successful season. By encouraging emotional connections between team members and building physical and mental conditioning, a session helps to improve key elements necessary for successful games and that most important end goal. Sharing an experience such as Bikram yoga also helps team members bond over something outside of the traditional training program, an event that is positive, fun and challenging helping players to connect on and off the field.

Physical Benefits of Yoga for Sports Clubs:

Yoga has an enormous range of physical benefits; it’s why major sporting teams in both the AFL and NRL commit time to including it in their training program, both during and before the season begins. A number of these benefits can include:

  • Increased range of motion. Players that have an increased range of motion can turn faster, kick and pass better and put more power into each bit of play
  • Better Blood Flow. Yoga promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body, helping to deliver critical nutrients to muscles when they’re need during game play and after in building and repairing muscle fibres
  • Improved Muscle Conditioning. Yoga helps to work the entire body, promoting the conditioning of muscles and development of muscle tissue
  • Raised Awareness. Awareness of the body helps reaction times, hand eye co-ordination and the ability to help prevent injuries from occurring or worsening

Mental Benefits of Yoga for Sports Clubs:

Sport is as much about physicality as it is about mentality. Some of the world’s best players and sporting teams haven’t been the fittest but have had the mindset enabling them to become the best.  Some mental benefits can include:

  • Improved stress handling. Improving the ability for players to think during play while their bodies are under stress from the gameplay itself
  • Improved Teamwork. Sharing and experience off the court or field helps to improve the connection between players and improving how they bond
  • Increased determination. The ability to be able to be determined and successful is critical to personal developing and winning
  • Having fun. Because sometimes having fun is just as important as winning.

Pricing and Booking Yoga for Sports Clubs:

Adelaide Hills Bikram and Yin Yoga School is determined to help sporting clubs get the best experience and to do well at an extremely affordable price. If you would like to book a session with us or receive a quote for your team send us an email to [email protected] you’ll be surprised at what we can offer.

Yoga mats, towels and water can all be included or supplied. Yin yoga (normal temperature room), Bikram Yoga (heated room) and Meditation are all available for sporting teams and we can even come to you with Yin Yoga classes.