Yoga For Deep Stress & Anxiety Relief

Did you know that in addition to the many physical health benefits that yoga offers, it’s also an amazing healing tool for the mind and emotions?
Yoga postures can provide a deep release for stress and anxiety while helping the mind and heart focus on the positive things in life. Many people experience a state of profound wellness, balance, and peace after even the shortest practice which is a testament to just how effective it can be for stress relief!

As you probably already know, stress is the number one cause of illness in the world. Most of our most dangerous diseases are rooted in stress and strain, and life is simply less well lived when we do it from a place of anxiety and panic. Yoga comes to the rescue and offers us a simple and all-natural way to strengthen our bodies, cultivate a positive self esteem, and relieve stress from the mind and emotions in a truly effective way.
Here's just a few ways in which yoga can help you find your calm!

Ground & Centre

As we go through life it’s easy for us to work our bodies into knots of pent up stress. While this stress may seem to live only in our muscles, it’s actually just as much in our minds. Our bodies and minds are deeply related and it turns out that when we work stress and stiffness out of our bodies, a similar positive change happens in our minds.

Yoga gives us a fun way to work out the knots while also giving our minds a chance to rest, relax, and get back to centre.

Positive Focus

When we practice yoga we make a commitment to be as present as we can be. Focusing on the moment and being in the here and now is a great way to let the mind heal itself and release stress while we move. Yoga helps us step into the eternal moment so that we can pull our energy back from the past and the future and be completely ‘here’. This is deeply therapeutic for the mind and emotions and most people find that after a session like this things in their life see to have auto-corrected in some pretty amazing ways.

Movement Heals

Many of us lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle which is extremely stressful on the body and mind. We are meant to move, and when we spend too much time in front of computer screens or televisions we simply don’t work our bodies and minds the way they need to be worked. Taking time for yoga gets our blood moving, helps balance internal chemistry, gives us something to be proud of, and helps the mind free itself from negativity. It’s an all-around exercise for body, mind, and spirit!

Are you a fan of yoga? Use the comments section below and tell us how it’s helped heal and empower your life!

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