Bikram Posture #24 – Head to Knee with Stretching

The Bikram Posture Head to Knee (also known as Janushirasana) helps the lymphatic system. It helps get rid of toxins, pathogens, and anything else the body shouldn’t have around. While the lymphatic system does a great job, it can’t do it on its own. Unlike other systems in the body, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump or other movement mechanism. It relies on us moving intentionally in order to help it get the job done.

The first part, Head To Knee Pose, also known as Janushirasana, has the special function of getting the lymphatic system fired up and moving so that we can detox naturally and help our bodies cleanse themselves in the most effective way possible. It also helps increase blood flow and function to other cleansing organs like the liver for a truly deep cleanse.
Because of the bend at the abdomen, this pose helps with digestive issues and can help tone and strengthen the entire digestive tract. It helps increase circulation to the bowels for better function while also helping the body move any waste that may be moving too slowly.

The deep stretch from this pose can be felt in the legs, back, shoulders, and arms. It’s a great pose for runners and cyclists as it helps relieve tension in the areas worked hardest in these sports.

The Head To Knee pose also helps calm allergies and relieve arthritis – both issues that relate to immune function and toxicity within the body system.

The second part (Paschimothanasana) – stretching pose can also improve digestion and chronic diarrhoea as well as the circulation of the bowels. It also helps improve the flexibility of the trapezius, deltoid and bicep muscles.

Helpful Hints:

  • Be sure to wiggle the hips properly while going back in the posture
  • Make sure to do the sit up properly, be sure not to slack off
  • Exhaling properly at the end of the sit up will help keep you focused
  • Aim to pull your heels off the floor, keep trying no matter how far off it might feel, persistence and determination is the key
  • You may find one side more flexible than another, don’t worry about this, keep focused
  • Progress in standing head to knee will mirror progress in these two postures


As a combination these postures create a wonderful stretch in the sciatic nerves which help prevent sciatica.

They can help to improve the flexibility of the last five vertebrae of the spine, as well as the ankles, knees, hip, shoulders, elbow and wrist joints.

The second part of this posture helps improve circulation of the bowels. Increases circulation of the liver, spleen and improves digestion. This posture can be especially good for the immune system