Bikram Posture #25 – Spine Twisting

Don’t let the name of this amazing pose fool you!
While it may sound uncomfortable, it’s actually one of the most celebrated poses within the Bikram Yoga flow. It comes second to last in a hot yoga session and provides such a powerful service to the spine that many people look forward to it all session long!

The Spine Twisting Pose, also known by its Sanskrit name of Ardha-Matsyendrasana, is the only pose that creates a gentle twisting action in the spine from top to bottom. The goal of this asana is to give each vertebrae and each part of the spinal column a stretch.

As the pose is held, the nerves, vessels, tissues, and bones of the spine are all given an increase of nourishing blood so that they can perform and heal better each day. Over time, the general flexibility of the spine is increased dramatically which means less backaches, faster healing, and better performance of the nervous system in general.

For people who deal with lower back pain or general back issues, this could be one of those asanas that becomes your favorite. The twisting and increase in blood flow are famous for relieving pain and inflammation while helping to strengthen the entire spine area so that less issues happen in the future.

Since the spine is the home of the nervous system, working this area can help calm and strengthen the nerves at the same time. Stress and strain are relieved while toning and strengthening happen so that you’re more resilient and protected in the future.