Bikram Posture #26 – Blowing in Firm Pose

Breath is an integral part of health and wellness, so what better way to end your Bikram Yoga session than with some intentional breathing that delivers amazing health benefits to body and mind?

As you settle into the the Blowing In Firm Pose, also known as the Kapalbhati In Vajrasana, focus comes to the breath. The goal of this asana is to pull as much clean, healthy air into the lungs as possible so that they can expand and then release any stale or toxic air and energy from the body system. This breathing style helps keep the lungs elastic and strong so that they can self-heal, process oxygen better, and expel toxins more efficiently.

The breath is what draws in Prana, or life energy. When we breathe in a shallow way or in a way that doesn’t utilize the lungs and abdomen properly, we simply do not take in as much life energy as we need to be healthy and happy. The Blowing In Firm Pose helps regulate our breathing into the depths of the abdomen so that we can become part of the exchange of life energy with each breath.

Since the abdominal cavity is used to pull in a deep inhalation and forcefully exhale old air, it is strengthened and toned with each breath. This pose can help our abdomens look better than ever while also helping to massage and invigorate internal organs.

When the Blowing action comes up in the Firm Pose as your next hot yoga session, make sure to pay attention the way you feel before and then after the pose. Chances are you’ll notice a sense of energy, lightness, and empowerment that will keep you feeling great all day long!