Bikram Posture #4 – Eagle

Bikram Posture - Eagle

There is perhaps no pose as visually striking as the Eagle Pose, also known as the Gaurasana. This pose draws the entire body in to centre and creates a pillar-like silhouette that shows strength, balance, and form. The eagle pose is often used to demonstrate the many benefits one attains from practicing Bikram Yoga because of the lines, layers, and intensity of the form. The good news for the beginner is that this pose is surprisingly easy to learn and it can be mastered very early on in your practice!

When we work our bodies into the eagle pose something pretty amazing happens. Every major joint in the entire body opens up. The 14 major joint areas of the body are eased into a state of receptivity, stretch, and openness so that new blood can flow in and wash away toxins while nourishing the area deeply.

The eagle pose also opens up the sexual and reproductive areas as well as the area of the kidneys so that fresh blood and life energy can flow there easily. When there are issues with elimination, sexual function, or reproduction, this pose is usually the one that provides the most benefit.

The eagle pose also helps us get in touch with our balance and sense of strength. It requires us to trust our core so that we can get into the pose and let go within the pose. It draws the arms and legs in – the things we usually stretch out to keep balance. I requires us to rely on our core muscles and general flexibility to stay stable and secure.
This is a wonderful early asana to activate the core and prepare for the flow ahead.


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