Bikram Posture #7 – Balancing Stick

The Balancing Stick Pose, also known as Tuladandasana, is one of the most beautiful, poised, and impressive forms to look upon. This pose is the perfect expression of pose and core strength, and it helps us identify any areas in our core or legs where we may need some extra strengthening work.
In a Bikram Yoga class, the instructors will help encourage and guide you into this pose class after class until it finally becomes second nature. You may end up being amazed at just how fast your body takes to this level of balance and how natural it feels once your muscle memory learns the move.The Balancing Stick Pose has some of the most important health benefits of any of the Bikram asanas.
Here are some of our favorites:

  • Heart Health
    In this pose, the lean forward makes some pretty amazing things happen. As we move into the pose and keeping balance causes us to lean slightly forward, blood moves into the heart in a gentle rush which cleanses, opens, and nourishes veins and the heart itself. This move is wonderful for anyone who feels that their circulation and heart function could use a bit of support.
  • Brain Health
    Brain health is another benefit the Balancing Stick Pose offers. With the same tilt, blood moves into the brain providing a bath of rich nutrients, oxygen, and energy.
  • Mind Health
    Because of the intense level of balance and grounding needed to hold this pose, it’s a wonderful act of concentration. As we focus on keeping the body still and the mind calm, our concentration muscles are flexed and we end up with brighter, clearer thoughts.

We hope these amazing health benefits give you more than enough encouragement and inspiration to work on this pose and enjoy it even more when it comes up at your next Bikram Yoga class here with us at Adelaide Hills Bikram.