Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga Adelaide Hills

The heart of our services are based on the Pure and Original Hot Yoga: Bikram Yoga. This is practiced in a room heated to 40° with 40% humidity.

Bikram Yoga is a healing sequence that consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises lasting 90 minutes. Each class energises and revitalises every bone, joint, ligament and muscle in your body. We teach the original Bikram series for its full length as this is the only series that delivers results.

The Bikram Yoga system is a unique series in which poses are done in the same sequence. With this each posture forms the perfect basis for the next, warming and also stretching the appropriate muscles, ligaments and tendons. It's practiced with precision and intent and combines healing and strength training that works.

Each class helps to circulate fresh, oxygenated blood to all of your body and also helps to restore your body to its full capacity. Best of all Bikram Yoga has been proven in its healing ability worldwide!

Adelaide Hills Bikram is the only studio in the Adelaide Hills offering Bikram Yoga. We are also one of the only studios that allow you a full mind and body workout that is based on science and medical research. The 90 minute class while longer than our other classes is essential to obtaining the benefit of a hot yoga class. The core benefits and results are only obtained through a complete class of this length.

Additionally our classes are conducted in a room heated with Far Infrared heaters which is a unique form of heating. It providing further healing benefits in it's own right.

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