The Power Of Stretching For Skin Health

Did you know that stretching does a lot more than just soothe and strengthen the muscles? With every downward dog, torso twist, or jaw stretch you are actually moving the skin in ways that can have far-reaching benefits. The skin is the largest organ on the body and it’s made up of living tissue that needs to stay elastic, active, and nourished to be healthy.

Using movement and stretching to care for your skin is a great way to aid in detoxification, toning, and strengthening.

Get Moving!

Gentle movement like stretching, walking, yoga, tai-chi, and swimming all offer a healthy workout for the skin. These techniques have been suggested by experts to help minimize the signs of aging and to help strengthen and heal the skin as well.

When we move, we draw blood flow and lymphatic flow to the skin. We get things moving and encourage the skin to cleanse and strengthen with every motion. We also help the skin sweat our toxins and push toxicity into the cleansing system easier. A body at rest usually doesn’t get the same cleansing and empowering that a body in motion does.

Helping The Skin Help Itself

The skin is built with a whole array of functions that help keep it healthy, clean, and strong. When we move we are actually aiding those processes so that they can work better. With each gentle stretch or step we extend the skin and move it around so that nutrients get pushed into every cell and tissues are given the chance to cleanse themselves.

Stretching is good for the skin because it gets the skin organ moving so that it can do the job it does best!

A Little Goes A Long Way

In order to get the health, beauty, and protective benefits that stretching offers the skin and the whole body, you don’t have to do much! A few quiet yoga or tai-chi sessions each week, a daily walk, or a weekly swim can all get the skin moving. It really doesn’t take much to strengthen and nurture the skin!

How Stretching Help With Allergies, Breakouts, and Sensitivities

Stretching is a great addition to anyone’s health program when allergies and sensitivities are an issue. A gentle stretching session can help get the lymphatic system fired up so that toxins can be removed from the skin and tissues. Extra blood flow is delivered to the skin when we stretch which means more nutrients and hydration where we need it most. Stretching also calms the mind and soothes the nerves which can help the immune system perform in a better way.

Take time to stretch and move for your skin every day and enjoy the endless benefits!