Meditation – Should I Try It?

Meditation is a powerful art form developed over thousands of years, the benefits it can provide in a short time are huge.

Meditation is a unique experience that can help with a range of physical and mental conditions. When many people think of meditation they think of a boring experience, useless emotions and wasted time, yet they couldn't be more wrong. Good classes are far from boring and they deal with many physical and mental responses and feelings in the body that may limit you without you even realising it. The practice has become secular in the west but its ancient birth and link to religion is evidence of its importance to us as humans and how soul touching and personally beneficial the experience can be.

What is it?

Meditation is the training of the mind using a range of techniques. It is an ancient practice that allows the mind and body to better communicate improving exercise performance, body awareness and the ability to cope with life's troubles.

How does it work?

Meditation helps control emotional response improving the ability to respond to stress, anxiety and the things that life throws at us. For athletes it allows focus on goals and improves the connection between the mind and body helping to prevent injury and improving response to discomfort. By deepening our awareness we help tackle problems before they arise, this is as important for mental health as it is for physical well being, after all the mind controls much of the body.

What to expect?

Come to a class with an open mind, expect little and you'll gain a lot. Be prepared to sit on a mat and be guided through the meditative experience by a qualified instructor. You may feel many emotions but the experience will help you deal with them and the many emotions that life will throw at us in the future.

How often should I Meditate?

Meditation is a daily experience, however coming to class each week will help you the most. Commit to a better you and you will notice many positive results.

How can I book in?

Book into a class at Adelaide Hills Bikram online >>here<< and we'll welcome you into our friendly space.