Why autumn is the best time to get back into Yoga

It’s a spectacular time of year here in the Adelaide Hills. The streets are set ablaze by the comforting and awe-inspiring colours of autumn. As summer starts to fade, there is perhaps no better time of year to return to the mat and get back into yoga.

It can be hard getting back into looking after yourself after the thrills of summer and mad-march. Autumn however is the perfect time to get that head-start. The positivity of summer makes the transition back to the mat easier. Its much less daunting to get into an energy fuelling routine while the sun is still shinning. Building those positive vibes and hitting the mat early on means that your body and mind are less likely to suffer from the season’s transition.

Bring back the strength:

Looking after your wellness now is also a great way to build up your immune system. You’re much less likely to get sick in winter if you’ve given your body the time it needs to detox and build back its strength. Our bodies are naturally strong and our own immune system is the best weapon we have against getting sick. It’s important however to look after your body so it’s able to put up a fight against any nasty winter bugs when they come around. Not having to think about getting sick in autumn and winter has to be the best way to really enjoy the season’s change.

So many benefits:

Best of all looking after yourself doesn’t have to be a chore and you can make the most of every class. Our welcoming, friendly and fun studio environment is structured around making sure you enjoy every minute with us. Investing in yourself should be fun and knowing the rewards you’ll get from just one class makes it even better. More energy, less time sick, better concentration, better health and a better outlook on life. These are the tools that give you control over your life and make sure that you have time for the things that are important to you. That winter holiday, spending time with the kids or enjoying that guilt free red and slice of cheese by the fire.

Don’t wait until winter’s here, get your head start now, get back into yoga, and make sure you’re fighting fit this year!

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