Bikram Posture #22 – Camel

When most of us thing of camels, we think of the heat of the desert and an animal with unimaginable strength and fortitude. The Bikram Posture Camel, also known by its traditional Sanskrit name of Utrasana, brings to life all of the symbolism of the camel – and it helps impart the strength and power of this gracious animal as well!

The first body part you’ll likely feel activate when you move into this beautiful pose is the spine. The disks of the spine are gently compressed as the asana is held which acts to tone and strengthen the entire nervous system. Since all nerves that run throughout the body have their base in the spinal cord, this pose literally creates positive influence in every part of the entire body system.

For those who deal with recurring neck, spine, shoulder, and sacral pain, the camel pose can be an amazing help. The reverse stretch that this pose offers helps bring things back into natural alignment so that the body can heal itself and find relief from new and old tensions and injuries.

As the back arches, the entire abdominal cavity is opened up. This movement helps stretch and expand the internal organs giving them a deep but gentle stretch. The camel pose at Bikram Yoga can help detoxify internal organs, increase blood flow, and help with better overall organ function – including the digestive tract!

While Utrasana may look daunting at first, it’s a pose that many people are able to work into in just a few sessions at Bikram Yoga.
Take your time, remember to breathe, and follow the queues of your body and you’ll be enjoying the full benefits of this asana in no time.