90 minutes for another 90 days

Just 90 minutes of yoga could give you 90 days more, 90 days better.

Time is one of the most precious things we have in this world. And no matter who you are, rich or poor, it moves the same for us all. We often pass time, not really knowing where it is going or exactly how happy we are spending it. That makes the time we are aware we have, even more valuable.

In our busy world juggling kids, family, work, friends, study and the challenges that life throws at us every day; it can be hard to find time for ourselves. It is hard to ration out that valuable time. Yet you are the only one that experiences your world. Nobody else experiences this world from your eyes, from your perspective. Nobody else lives on your time. Nobody but you.


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Investing in yourself as such is one of the most important things you can do.

Whilst this can seem difficult; like all good investments it’s about the plentiful rewards. Rewards we receive not just right now but in the future too. Investing in yourself means you’re looking after yourself so you not only have better-quality time but more of it. Now and in the future. More time to spend with your kids, more time with family, with friends. A better use of time you spend working and the time you spend meeting and defeating life’s challenge.

The 90 minutes of yoga we invest in ourselves is about this investment. It’s about learning, accepting and thriving.

Imagine 90 minutes for 90 days. There wouldn’t be a class to miss.

This is exactly the level of reward you receive when you invest 90 minutes in yourself. Each and every class makes you better and makes you stronger. We are rewarded every time we walk into a class with better physical health, less stress and a reset of the mind.



These rewards mean you are more likely to have more time to spend and to give. That you are able to get more from the valuable time you have. An investment in yourself rewards you… and every single person whose time touches yours.

So next time you are thinking about making that 90-minute investment, don’t think of it as 90 minutes spent but another 90 days you’ve earnt. 90 days more, 90 days better.

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