The Importance of Staying Hydrated

We’ve all heard that drinking enough water and other healthy fluids is essential to physical and mental health – but is it true?
How can drinking water make us perform better, think faster, and feel more alive?
The fact is that our bodies are made up mostly of water. This means that in order for every single body function to happen – we have to be hydrated. Muscles can’t flex, food can’t digest, thoughts can’t fire, and healing can’t begin if we’re even slightly dehydrated in some cases. So, there’s no wonder why medical experts suggest that water be just as important to us as the foods we eat and the exercise we get.
There's more than a few good reasons to make sure you’re getting enough hydration in your body every day:
Heart Health
Our blood is made up mostly of water. If we’re dehydrated, we have less blood and the heart has to work extra hard to get it where it’s needed most. Low blood hydration can make simple things like walking and climbing stairs turn into a chore, and it can dramatically reduce how effective we are in sports or working out.
Flexibility & Strength
Water is essential to healthy joint, muscle, and bone function. Our joints rely on moisture to stay lubricated and smooth. Dehydration can make them work hard and may make us more prone to joint injuries or inflammation. Muscles are extremely rich in water content and need lots of it to work hard and grow strong with exercise. Bones are also made of minerals we get from water and other nourishing drinks and they can become brittle and weak if we don’t drink enough.
Beautiful Skin
Our skin is the largest organ we have, and it requires a great deal of water to stay healthy. Skin needs water to remain soft and elastic – so dehydration can and will lead to more wrinkles, lines, and signs of aging. Skin also needs water to heal itself and to protect itself from everyday wear and tear. Since we detox through the skin via sweat, enough water is also important to ensure that things don’t get trapped inside our systems.
Deep Cleaning
Speaking of detoxing, our bodies rely on water to flush toxins and other harmful materials from our bodies all day, every day. Not drinking enough water can force our bodies to retain things like heavy metal, viruses, toxins, and germs that we really need to get rid of.
If you aren’t a fan of drinking water, there are some great alternatives. You can drink coconut water – a wonderfully nourishing and hydrating drink. We stock a certified organic brand of Coconut Water from Eco Inspirations at the studio.
You might also want to try making fresh vegetable and fruit juices using a juicer and adding in our Greens First Health Drink powder - also available from the studio when you next visit. This will stock your body up with both hydration and lots of nutrition!
Drink up!